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Experience enthralling desert vistas teeming with wildlife and filled with splendor

In northwestern Namibia lies the beautifully desolate and rugged Kunene region. Witness enthralling vistas that extend into endless horizons, mirage-like shipwrecks that blur into the sun’s foggy heat, and marvel at the Atlantic’s icy waves that lap at the feet of towering, crimson dunes. Kunene is a place of an indescribable natural wonder; it’s sandy plains and golden-hued grasslands are home to iconic wildlife like cheetahs, lions, and black and white rhinos, as well as rare animals only found in this part of the world, like desert-adapted elephants and oryx.

Undertake the exploration of these diverse landscapes in ultimate luxury. Kunene’s opulent lodges beckon, from private villas to stylish tents replete with en-suite bathrooms and gourmet dining.

One such lodge is Serra Cafema, a lodge that pays homage to the local Himba culture, the last semi-nomadic tribe of Namibia. Immerse yourself in the stunning panorama from your private elevated terrace, then indulge in traditional Herero, or an array of African tapas accompanied by the finest South African wines. As night falls, take in the glittering expanse of distant galaxies set against pure, obsidian skies.

A luxury safari tailored to your interests allows you to visit one of the continent’s premier reserves, Etosha National Park, where you’ll encounter wildlife in abundance and a sprawling salt pan that serves as a vast, glimmering breeding ground for flamingos. Visit Epupa Falls, where pristine waterfalls cascade in an untamed oasis. Then embark on an exclusive boat safari, where languid hippos and Nile crocodiles grace the waters. Against this backdrop, indulge in sundowners, as the cadmium hues of the African sun paint the horizon, an eternal moment of splendor etched into memory.

What is the region known for?

Discover the captivating essence of the Kunene region, where rugged and awe-inspiring desert vistas beckon. Marvel at the towering sand dunes and navigate the rocky canyon. Beneath the surface of this seemingly unforgiving landscape lies a world of adventure for seekers, offering exhilarating sandboarding, immersive cultural tours, and thrilling wildlife safaris.

Kunene journey inspiration

Private charter flight over the dunes in the Sossusvlei, Namibia.

Highlights of Namibia

This ten-day itinerary introduces you to the diverse and captivating communities and cultures prevalent in Namibia, from the Nama-Damara Khoi descendants of Damaraland to the inscrutable and nomadic Himba in the northern Kaokoveld. The route encompasses the Namib Sand Sea, the otherworldly desert beauty of the Torra Conservancy and the starkly contrasting river-and-desert landscapes bordering Angola

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Kunene travel guide

Stargazing with view of overhead spitzkoppe in the Sossusvlei in Namibia.

Remarkable Namibia

A land sculpted by the forces of nature, Namibia is as beautiful as it is desolate. With vast open spaces and extraordinary wildlife, it is the perfect destination for those seeking solitude.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit Kunene?

The best time to visit Kunene is during the dry season when the four months from May to September are dryer than the others. This is also the best time to visit if you don’t want to swelter in unrelenting heat. The average daily temperature is 26°C (79°F) although the nights are cold, so don’t pack light.

What wildlife can be seen in Kunene?

Kunene is a sanctuary for diverse and captivating wildlife, offering encounters with desert-adapted elephants, black rhinos, lions, and a rich assortment of antelope species. The region’s unique desert ecosystem also harbors rare and endemic creatures, making it a prime destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

What are the most luxurious accommodations available in Kunene?

In Kunene, you have several options for luxurious accommodations, with three of the finest being Hoanib Valley Camp, situated in the remote and rugged Kaokoland region with luxurious tented accommodations and offers excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing. Serra Cafema Camp offers eight suites designed to resemble Himba homesteads, featuring rugged yet opulent materials like wood, canvas, and thatch. Meanwhile, Okahirongo Elephant Lodge offers luxurious accommodations in a pristine desert environment. Guests can enjoy game drives, cultural visits to Himba villages, and nature walks. The lodge is known for its dedication to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the region.

What kind of terrain can be expected in Kunene?

Kunene is a desert region characterized by dunes, rugged mountains, and the Kunene River which borders Angola. The terrain varies according to the prevailing climate which is dictated by rainfall and extreme temperatures.

What are some activities and attractions in Kunene?

Kunene offers a diverse range of experiences beyond its captivating desert vistas. Travelers can explore the Epupa Falls, the Otjitotongwe Cheetah Park, a petrified forest, and the immersive Ovahimba Living Museum. For adventurers, rocky canyons beckon exploration, and the ever-shifting immense sand dunes offer thrilling experiences. The enigmatic Skeleton Coast provides an abundance of picturesque moments, while the copper deposits in the Kaokoveld Plateau add another layer of fascination, making them a must-visit destination.

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