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This East African jewel is a playground of geographic diversity and beauty, and home to some of the largest game reserves in the world inhabited by an enormous wealth of wildlife.

From opulent lodges overlooking the vast Serengeti plains to secluded beachfront retreats along the pristine shores of Zanzibar, Tanzania caters to the discerning traveler seeking not only the thrill of wildlife encounters but also the epitome of refined indulgence. Here we’ll explore the highlight destinations that embody the essence of luxury travel in Tanzania.

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1. Serengeti National Park

The world’s most storied national park, the name has become synonymous with the much dreamt about African safari and features extensive picture-perfect grasslands and Savannah, the stomping grounds for the annual migration, the largest migration of animals on the planet, featuring a staggering number of wildebeest, literally in the millions. The Serengeti also enjoys a full house of the big five, including the largest lion population in the world.

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Wildlife viewing pink flamingos in pond and wildebeest while on a private, exclusive game drive in Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

2. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area

The most otherworldly conservation area in Africa and dubbed an African Eden for its immured seclusion created by the largest unbroken volcanic caldera on earth. Contained within its tall cliffs is a vast self-contained ecosystem of woodlands, savannah and wetlands creating a paradise on earth for herbivores and predators alike.

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Wildlife viewing 3 giraffes with Kilimanjaro in the background while on a luxury safari

3. The Tarangire National Park

The least visited park of the northern safari circuit, Tarangire offers all the attractions with less of the crowds. Named after the river that crosses it, the Tarangire is the main source of water during the dry season when a wide variety of wildlife is drawn to its banks, including the large herds of elephants for which the park is known.

The park is dotted with iconic baobab trees, which add a distinct and picturesque element to the landscape providing stunning photographic opportunities, especially during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset.

4. Lake Manyara National Park

A spectacular terrain focused around the beautiful lake known for its diverse birdlife including a large number of flamingos. The park is also renowned for its tree-climbing lions and features a varied landscape of forest, steep mountainside, and open grassland habitats.

Wildlife viewing a troop of elephants with flamingos in a lake and Kilimanjaro in the background.

5. Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa’s tallest peak and the world’s highest free-standing mountain above sea level. At a whopping 19340 feet and permanently snow-capped, this dormant volcano is a must-do for trekkers and climbers. Guided tours can be taken following several routes to the summit.

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Game watching lions while on a private safari in Tanzania

6. Ruaha National Park

Known to be home to the country’s largest elephant population, this little-known park provides an intimate and remote safari experience far off the beaten track. It is one of the largest national parks in Africa and has an abundance of wildlife, with around 10% of the world’s lion population and many species of antelope residing in the park.


7. Mahale Mountains

These beautiful wooded mountains lie idyllically on the eastern shore of crystal-clear Lake Tanganyika. Accessed only by boat, without roads or infrastructure, the Mahale National Park is pristine, and its relative inaccessibility allows its enormous chimpanzee population to flourish. Here you can trek your way through the forest to catch a glimpse of these gentle creatures in their natural habitat.


8. Zanzibar

A tropical watersport haven with turquoise waters and white sand beaches, Zanzibar is an exotic island paradise with a rich cultural history. The surrounding shallow waters and nearly deserted islands make it the perfect destination for a beach holiday. Explore the old town and experience the blend of Swahili, Arabic and Portuguese influence through its architecture and cuisine.

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9. Adventure Activities

Tanzania is an adventure hub, offering activities for everyone from the adrenaline junkie to the outdoor dabbler. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the great annual wildebeest migration from a hot air balloon, set sail on the calm clear waters of Zanzibar or trek your way up Kilimanjaro and conquer Africa’s highest peak.

10. Cultural And Historical Experiences

Tanzania is one of the world’s oldest continually inhabited regions. Some of the earliest hominid fossils were found here and since then the country has seen a massive influx of Arabic, Nilotic, Bantu and European cultures creating a melting pot of cultural diversity. With over 120 ethnic groups calling the country home, visitors can delight in a wealth of local traditions and experiences such as a visit to a Masaai village or African music festivals.

11. Fine Dining

Fine dining of both local and international cuisine abound. There are many great restaurants catering to discerning tastes, and with so many dishes unique to the country, visitors can explore the culinary fusion of Swahili, Arabic and European flavors. Some highly recommended establishments are:

  • The Swahili Kitchen, Dar es Salaam
  • The Rock, Zanzibar
  • Onsea House, Arush
  • The Restaurant at Zanzibar Serena Hotel, Stone Town
  • The Red Onion, Dar es Salaam
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Wildlife viewing lioness with 7 cubs while on a private, exclusive game drive in Grumeti Reserve.
10 Day Luxury Safari

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Embark on an extraordinary luxury East Africa safari experience, showcasing the highlights of the region. Explore the world-famous Masai Mara, witness the stunning Ngorongoro Crater, and roam the vast plains of the Serengeti Grumeti. This all-inclusive journey offers once-in-a-lifetime moments, including the wildebeest migration, thrilling Big Five safaris, and captivating cultural interactions.

Embark on an extraordinary luxury East Africa safari experience, showcasing the highlights of the region

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