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Anniversary brunch in the open plains of the Okavango Delta

By May 20, 2020July 17th, 2023No Comments
Guest experience

As the bush begins to waken, we meet on the deck for coffee before departing on an early morning game drive. Mombo, within the Okavango Delta, known as the “place of plenty, is a truly remarkable place. With the emphasis on luxury and comfort, our tented suite offered unparalleled views over the floodplains and grazing wildlife. Our game drive offered an even more in-depth view of the incredible wildlife that the Mombo Concession boasts. And on this particular day, we were treated to even more than expected.

The one sound that is the most evocative on a game drive in the African bush is that of a lion roar. It sends chills down the spine and the excitement grows as you inch closer and closer to where the lions may be. The Moremi Game reserve is known as the predator capital and we knew we were about to come face to face with the king of bush.

A moment of heightened expectation and suddenly there they were, a pride of at least five lions including three beautiful males. All just a few feet away from our vehicle. At the time, we thought that nothing could top this moment but again, our expectations were exceeded a little later that morning.

As Mombo is a private concession, it was only our three vehicles of friends that got to experience this magnificent sighting. After a while, we slowly left the lions to their peaceful respite and went on our way. Soon we stopped for morning coffee and enjoyed a quick catch-up with our friends on what they had all experienced that morning. Then we were off again, on another adventure as we slowly started making our way back to camp for breakfast.

But, what we did not know at the time was that our traveling hosts and camp staff had been working behind the scenes to create the most incredible Okavango Delta Anniversary celebration surprise that we could ever imagine. A feast for the senses was spread out before us. Set up by the staff were tables with white linen and gold cutlery, glassware, and platters of delicious food. The service, the food, and the selection of drinks were unparalleled. A memorable experience that we will never forget.

What a special way to celebrate such a momentous occasion. I had such a great time with our guests from Tulsa and hope to see them again soon


Graeme van der Nest


A celebration of epic proportions was provided by an amazing team of dedicated staff from the camp in conjunction with the detailed planning by our hosts that ensured that all our preferences were met.

During our celebration, we were regaled by the staff with a beautiful rendition of a traditional Setswana song performed in a capella style. A moment that will be etched on our minds forever. Our group decided to share a little bit of home with our hosts and staff and we took to the bushveld dais to perform our own recital of the song “Oklahoma”. A tribute to our own home and to the wonderful people of Mombo.


After breakfast, we climbed aboard our game vehicles and headed back through the bush to the lodge where we were able to relax and enjoy the luxury of Africa around us.

This celebration was the highlight of our journey and revealed to us the attention to detail that our hosts and the camp staff have for all their guests.

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