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Alternative postponement options

The Premier Africa team is committed to working with you to create alternative solutions should the postponement dates not be suitable for you. Canceling participation is possible, however, it does place the deposits paid to travel partners as well as your international flights at risk. We are contractually bound with all parties involved in this journey including hotels, lodges, internal flights, and other venue partners, and therefore require negotiations on a case by case manner. In general, most venues are allowing more flexibility in their terms, given these unprecedented circumstances, allowing postponement without penalties or additional fees. We act in the best interest of every Premier Africa guest to ensure all partners involved mutually agree to the same solution, but it is important to understand that the decision does not lie solely with Premier Africa.

Potential options that may be available to you:

    1. Finding a suitable replacement – Should you and/or the group organizer from the LPGA Amateur Golf Association, find a replacement to fill your space on the journey, and an agreement from venues is received, you will be free of any cancellation fees.
    2. Transfer your deposit to a family member or friend – to travel with the LPGA members in December 2021 or alternative flexibility to travel at a later date in 2021 / 2022.
    3. Travel credit – We can negotiate a special travel credit for you to travel in 2021 or 2022 should you be unable to travel with the group.
    4. Cancellation – You will be at risk of forfeiting your deposit should the options provided be unsuitable and or should you have no desire to continue with your current or future travel plans. In the event that this does occur, whilst there is no guarantee, we will do our utmost best to secure and return a portion of your deposit from relevant venue partners, airlines and suppliers.

Cancellation or postponement of your international flights would need to be handled directly by the relevant travel agent or airline you have booked with and would be subject to their terms and conditions at the time. 

Please indicate how you would like to proceed